N.S. Parihar

Founder & CEO, Shakti Mahila Sangh

During this year (2021-2022) we tried to recover ourselves after the first pandemic year of 2020-2021. Though the year started with the second wave of pandemic in India but we could get into normal business after the first quarter of the financial year 2021-2022. There were lockdowns in some specific areas and for specific no of days. However overall, the business sentiments were low but our members were in dire need of loan to keep their business on. Both the waves have created a tremendous impact on our operations and financials. However, as a family SMS board, management, staffs and members worked tirelessly and unitedly to safeguard our business. After the 2nd wave SMS have started bouncing back to normalcy. As on 31st March 2022, the gross portfolio outstanding was INR 71.04 crore which is 28.5% more than as on March 2021. SMS has been able to achieve 100% repayment rate except few occasions during the second wave of pandemic. But we could recover the due within the same month as our recovery happens monthly up to 17th of every month. Hence, we get sufficient window within the same month to recover if there is any pending. We could get back to normalcy in spite of ups and downs due to pandemic related uncertainties due to good credit culture, client selection and orientation, peer pressure to maintain client discipline, reliable assessment of repayment capacity of borrowers and prompt follow-up in case of delinquency. We have been able to solidify our partnership with both IDBI Bank and SBI through BC arrangements. We are targeting to further stabilize our operations so that we can touch the 100 Crore portfolio by the end of the current financial year. In this regard I seek the cooperation of our members, board, staffs and partner institutions.

Thanking you,

Narendra Singh Parihar


“Our Mission is to bring together the power of collective of 200,000 underprivileged people in the rural and semi-urban areas to bring positive change their lives”


“To establish an economically & socially empowered and healthy society where women become financially independent with sustainable livelihood activities.”

  • Value of the Organisation or Objective
  • Values are timeless principles that guide an organization. They set the norms of behaviour for everybody in the organization. These values are summarised as “SHAKTI” and are explained below:

  • Service
  • SMS will strive to provide efficient, convenient and timely service to its members.

  • Honesty
  • SMS will be honest in its workings and in dealing with its members and other stakeholders, as well as in terms of reporting and information management.

  • Attitude
  • SMS will strive to achieve the highest degree of member service in workings with members.

  • Knowlege
  • SMS will strive to know the needs of members to serve them in most efficient and convenient way.

  • Transparency
  • SMS will provide complete and accurate information to our members and external stakeholders about financial and livelihood support services.

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